Lincolnshire limestone carvings by Phyllis Mahon

TWO more carvings are in progress and should be finished by late 2020

TWO carvings are currently available and are shown first on this page:

  • STILLNESS (4 photos: 2 in its now weathered state and 2 in its original state)

  • FROZEN KISSES (8 photos: 4 in its original state & 4 in the now weathered piece)

Central page shows Phyllis Mahon at work

Sold works are shown lower on the page


Phyllis Mahon at work


Phyllis received an Arts Council East Midlands Award in 2004 around the time of her 50th birthday.
A wonderful mid-career boost!

When Nyx draws her cloudy cloak SOLD
Water Goddess 2006

All imagery ©Phyllis Mahon. Proudly created with 2021
Phyllis Mahon is a member of Design and Artists Copyright Society