Available figurative and landscape works in acrylic by Phyllis Mahon

These acrylic paintings are available as unframed originals.

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Beloved Treasure 2020
Beloved Whisper
Pink Moon Blue Night by Phyllis Mahon
Summer Night Beloved Gift
Rainbows In Her Hair_2019
Burning Sienna - Scent of a White Flower 2019
Face_Four_Flowers 2019
Burning Sienna - Contemplation 2019
Burning Sienna - Her Quiet Desire 2019
Her Face Face Sienna Gold 2019
Kiss Me Colour Me 2019
Pamina Blue by Phyllis Mahon
Blue memory in a bright tree; 2017
The Way You Make Me Feel
Woman gazing at the man she loves.jpg
Waiting for the Night; 2015
Acrylic on canvas
Listening to trees, angel and white dog
Dark Clouds Passing 2018
Listening to Trees: A face, a memory
Nocturne 2017
Winter Landscape Looking East 2018
Woman Moon Tree
We two together; 2016
Bright Field 2018 by Phyllis Mahon
An angel asleep 2018
Treasure 2016
Dance me blue 2016
In the Night; 2017
Forget me not 2015
Venus in her mask of lace 2014
Angel bringing first snow; 2015
Red rain Blue Moon 2017
The bright field 2017
Arboreal angel 2017


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