Woman, Listening to a Tree


This chalk pastel drawing continues my series of a Woman standing in a landscape and combines it with another related series called The Bright Field.

The women and trees series began before 2013, usually showing a woman, her back and upper torso filling the image, and a distant tree/s in a (sometimes dark) landscape. Then in 2016, I heard a poem "The Bright Field" by R.S. Thomas, on BBC Radio 4's 'Poetry Please,' which had a profound effect on me and has inspired many purely landscape images since.

When I moved to Lincolnshire from the city 27 years ago, it took a long time for the landscape to make itself visible in my work. But eventually I realised what a beautiful, calm part of the country I live in and as my home is surrounded by huge trees, it was bound to form part of my expression eventually. 

I've used professional quality pastels on pastel paper: a heavy weight, 340gsm (160lbs) textured paper, especially for chalk pastel.
I've 'fixed' the image with pastel fixative and then worked details with Caran d'Ache pencil, especially on her back patterns and in the grasses and the energy radiating from the tree.

The energy flowing up through her body is mostly blue and there are red lines flowing through her fingers from her hair, which is a deep shade. A little red reflects in her fingernails on her up stretched hand; her earring is turquoise radiating that colour onto her arm and upper back neck area. Her back has subtle blue patterns, almost tattoos ... I've suggested wings ever so subtly on her upper back ... I had originally planned to make a very obvious tattoo rising up her body but, as there's sufficient movement going on in the background with the tree/ landscape, I re-thought that idea and decided to go for more subtle lines in blue and green. 

The artwork is available unframed...

Price includes delivery.
Wrapped in acid-free tissue, packed flat.
Sent by tracked delivery.
Certificate of Authenticity included.


Materials used:

pastel, chalk, caran d'ache pencil


Please contact if you are interested in purchasing this pastel drawing framed.





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