Starlight Journey Sirius Rising


A woman sailing on a night journey in a little boat.

She is journeying towards Sirius on the horizon.

Her russet hair flies upwards and her starry cloak dips into the water.

Starlight and bright energy drips from her fingers into the water as she travels along.

Orion the Hunter is the main constellation in the night sky above her.


Since I've lived in Lincolnshire, the wonderful starry skies with no light pollution has fuelled a fascination in me for the constellations. This painting was inspired specifically by Orion and Sirius which at the time of painting were low on the horizon to the South as I looked out of my studio window.


I love painting on this beautiful Indian Khadi handmade cotton rag paper. It is a medium weight 210 gsm weight paper with a deckled edge. Here I've used a combination of white, black, blue, violet and brown watercolour on grey paper. I've been working intensely on this gorgeous paper since 2016 and have made sales of this series of watercolours to collectors in Australia, Europe and USA.


I've created a CGI photograph of how the watercolour would appear framed and another photgraph shows the unframed artwork on my hallway table ...


Materials used:

watercolour, Khadi 210 gsm paper


Price includes delivery ...


Available unframed - wrapped in acid-free tissue, carefully packaged and sent by Tracked Delivery.
Available framed - please choose from Black, Pale or Gold wood (or email to discuss). The framed artwork will be carefully packaged and sent by Tracked Delivery.





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