Astrological series… female faces of the twelve signs…

A set of 12 faces/ astrological studies in watercolour…sketchy & exploring the idea of fire, earth, air, water and the qualities of cardinal, fixed & mutable.

3 sets of 4:

fire, earth, air, water

4 sets of 3:

cardinal, fixed & mutable…please scroll down:


Last one of the twelve: Pisces / mutable water…

Capricorn / cardinal earth…

Aquarius / fixed air…

Sagittarius / mutable fire…

I have illustrated the 12 Astrological signs twice before: first for Cosmpolitan Magazine 1991, then for Aura Soma Products in 1999…
see   and
Scorpio January 2013… 8th image
scroll to view completed images…

First seven L to R & Back to front: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

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Little lovers 1993 to now

Taking as a starting point a little lino-print that I made in my first few weeks living in Lincolnshire in 1993, I applied it to a little A6 box canvas and reworked it in acrylics inc my very FAV Renaissance Gold by W&N. The gold's shininess is of course not visible here… I want this to be a centrepiece for my exhibition at Gallery at St. Martins, Lincoln 3 – 10 Feb 2013.



Scorpio girls ~ 3 images

Astrological: Scorpio, water…October 22nd – November 21st

Happy birthday all Scorpios!

 This image is from my first series of Astrological images 
 which illustrated the Horoscope page for UK Cosmopolitan
 all throughout 1990...
 also printed in Spain and Australian
 editions the following year 1991

  This image is from my second series of Astrological images which illustrated 
  the Goddesses & Starsigns for Aura-Soma then became 
  a book & calendar for the Millennium.
  © Aura Soma 1999


  Currently working on a series of faces January 2013

  ©Phyllis Mahon All rights reserved; a member of Design & Artist Copyright Society, London

new versus old

On Friday I finished a small painting,  7 x 10 inches, a watercolour, called “The day that you told me…”
It shows a happy woman, eyes closed, smiling to herself, twirling her hair around her ring finger.
The thought “Happy hair day” was the starting point for this image, as opposed to the more usual “bad hair day” phrase!
I am trying to create positive imagery at this point in my life.

In contrast to this, I have chosen an image that I placed on my homepage recently on
titled The Emigrant, I can now begin to understand what it is about…
The Emigrant
About to embark on a new life…
I drew this large pastel drawing in the few weeks before I left London on the last day of 1992  to live in Lincolnshire. It was a major event in my life and felt I was leaving all that I knew… a whole way of life that I had known for almost twenty years was about to come to an end.  There was a feeling of trepidation and I couldn’t help but identify with someone many years ago who would have had to set sail to another continent maybe never to see family again…hence the dark sea and sky behind the woman who looks folornly out at us.
I have arrived at a happy place but it was a stormy journey!
©Phyllis Mahon All rights reserved; a member of DACS, London