Out in the night – a memory

©Phyllis Mahon
Out in the night – a memory 61 x 48 cm 2017 Acrylic and oil pastel on unbleached linen board.

A memory of the sight, the scent, the taste of her love; a woman set against a dark landscape illuminated by a glowing tree.
Its light is radiating towards her senses: her eyes, nose and lips.
It’s as if the flowing grasses are wrapping themselves around her as a transparent cloak or cape. They could be just suggesting the beginnings of wings. Tied behin her nape in a blue ribbon in a bow – forget me not.

Painted on unbleached linen board, in acrylics with highlights of Sennelier oils pastels, this moody landscape if full of love and longing.

I painted this while listening to Enya’s Watermark album, particularly two songs. Exile and On Your Shore. The latter is a haunting melody and is based on a woman revisiting the UK from America; a past life. Enya comes from the Northwest of Ireland like I do and I identify strongly with her lyrics.
“Strange how my heart beats, to find myself upon your shore …”
The other fascinating song that helped to title this painting is “Call yourself Renee” by Okkervil River -the lines
“Out in the night
The world was right against our skin
And it was right again … ”

The raised flying hair showing off her nape is a little nod to the Japanese prints (which focused on this erogenous zone) that I find so beautiful.


Available on www.artfinder.com/phyllismahon

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