Lovers once again? paintings in progress late Spring 2013

After two recent solo exhibitions, in Lincoln in February and in Omagh in April, it's time to relax and settle into some new works and finish off some others…

Studio in Lincolnshire on 7th May 2013

I'm finding that working exclusively in acrylics as opposed to in pastels or watercolours, gives the opportunity for changing the image again and again. Not sure yet whether this will be good or bad. Those two mediums are both quite “immediate” and suit my way of working. However, having the ability to be more “considered” about a picture might be interesting. We'll see! I am really enjoying using acrylics especially Gold, Indigo and Russet. Also found a lovely colour called Quinacridone Red…very intense…but GOLD I am going crazy for right now, especially the wonderfully warm Winsor and Newton's Renaissance Gold.

Heaven and Earth – Night and Day – ? untitled as yet…

Wearing the landscape…? Cat woman…
“Icon” and (below) “Golden Kisses”...the latter is a watercolour on cotton from 1990; now presented on canvas & (will be) highlighted in gold acrylics. The picture of the woman's profile is heavily painted in Antique Gold which is cooler than the Renaissance…might change it. This painting called maybe Icon…is about someone holding a heart in her hands…almost finished.

All images Copyright PHYLLIS MAHON


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