Love in a dark landscape… Bryter Later?

I’m working towards the second of my Lincoln exhibitions in Gallery at St. Martins 2013

The autumn exhibition will be from 28 Oct – 2 Nov and will be of mostly recent works completed since the earlier Valentine’s show in February this year. Lincolnshire’s wonderful dark skies and open landscape have crept into my works; the lovers are no longer quite the complete focus.

Just finished from left to right:

         MagicalTree_small     Waiting for the night 2013Acrylic on 22 x 30 inches canvas

Small new works will include:

“Love in a Dark Landscape” and “You waited for me…” tiny box canvasses 7 x 5 x 1.5 inches; 2013

LoveinaDarkLandscape YouWaitedforME

“You waited for me under the tree; the others had gone on ahead and we took the long way home…”

“Waiting for the Night” / finished 20 August 2103 / acrylic on 20 x 30″ canvas. This was inspired by seeing a woman with an amazing arm-tattoo, a photograph on Facebook of a dark brooding landscape and finding some old landscapes that I used to paint in 1978! This past week I have painted intensely  whilst listening to Nick Drake (Bryter Layter!), Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, lots & lots of Radiohead, Cafe del Mar’s Aria…and consciously staying with my favoured deep blue and russet pallette of the moment.


Below: a large pastel drawing 48 x 72 inches / 4 x 6′ …was started in 1987, finished in 2013, enhanced for this exhibition…
it has never been exhibited before and I hope it’ll fit into the tiny lovely space that is Gallery at St. Martins!

13th October 2013

All Rights Reserved / Phyllis Mahon / A member of Design & Artists Copyright Society London

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