iPad imagery inspired by Hafiz poetry

Your soul once sat on an easel…

What a wonderful phrase! Not mine but a direct line from one of Hafiz’s poems.

I have always loved reading the poetry of Hafiz, who lived in Persia in the 12th century. Probably the one snippet that has been my inspiration over the past few years has been ‘The lips of the one I love are my perpetual pleasure. The Lord be Praised for my Heart’s desire is attained…’

As some of you may know I also love to work on my iPad on a wonderful app called ‘Paper 53’ – last night I uploaded some of these Hafiz inspired images, as well as some other ipad drawings onto a site called Finearteurope. So a perfect opportunity to merge two good ideas.


I am quite taken with www.finearteurope.com – there is a chance to sell originals at 0% (I have never experienced this before in my quest to sell online) – they put a potential buyer in touch with the artist directly… but where they DO make their money is from selling an artist’s images as prints, cards, canvas prints but also onto cushions, mobile phone cases! This I do not mind; even if I only get a tiny mark-up: I see it as making imagery accessible that never sees the light of day in my studio plan-chest drawers. For someone like me  with a prolific output, I am hoping that it’s the way to get ‘out there.’

As soon as I uploaded one of my black and white images, Girls Frills, a friend bought a throw pillow in that design…it is going to look great! First sale in I trust many.

Finearteurope and Fineartamerica are one and the same…see some of my iPad drawings and more of my works on www.phyllis-mahon.artistgalleries.com

Some lovely Hafiz quotes:

Phyllis Mahon June 16th 2015

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